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I had a remote energy session called Quick Pulse with Deb. I had a list of six items that were limiting me and causing me to worry or be fearful.   They were keeping me from feeling joyful.  About a week after the session I realized that I felt happier.  I also realized that a number of the items on my list had been resolved in my mind.  I was no longer worrying about them.  There was one major relationship issue on my list and I am very happy to report that it is no longer in my way.  I am happy. This was a great experience for me and I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

Kimberley F., Duluth, Minnesota

"Deb introduced me to the tapping method a little over two years ago when I was suffering from back pain.  After a twenty minute session tapping with Deb my pain level went from an 8 down to a 2 or 3.  I took the skills that Deb taught me and used them in my daily life.  Today, I have no back pain at all.  I am currently nine months pregnant, and I have avoided the common pregnancy back pains by using these amazing techniques.  I was skeptical when Deb first introduced this method, but now I am a true believer in energy medicine.  Thank you , Deb!"      

"After having my first child I struggled with losing the extra weight that I gained during pregnancy.  I wanted to lose the extra weight to look better, but I also wanted to be healthier.  Deb worked with me using the tapping method.  I learned to tap while visualizing myself at my goal weight.  As I integrated this practice into my daily life I noticed that I was drawn to healthier foods and to exercise more.  I was at my goal weight in no time. I now have a natural tool that helps me control my weight,  there is no need for extreme diets or pills.  The tapping method worked for me.  Thank you, Deb!" 

M.C., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I never knew what energy medicine was until I met Deb, now I can't imagine my life without it. If I'm under a lot of stress or have pain somewhere in my body I go to her for relief.  

Sandy,  Oklahoma

I had shoulder pain with weakness for over one year.  With one session of tapping my pain went from a 6 to about a 1-2.  After a second tapping session I was pain free with normal shoulder strength.  Two years later, the shoulder pain returned.  With one session of tapping the pain was completely relieved.  Now, one year later, I am still pain free.

During a yoga practice, Deb was doing a guided meditation where I was to visualize my body as being filled with light, all the dark areas draining into the earth.  For the first time, I couldn’t seem to clear my left leg of darkness.  I thought it was weird, wondered if something was going on, and mentioned it to Deb after practice.  She knew immediately what I was talking about, which made me feel like I wasn’t a total freak.  She also knew potential causes.  Through energy work with Deb, I was able to clear my body of darkness, and see myself filled with light again.  I also made peace with myself about some personal issues.  I believe our biography becomes our biology.  The spiritual and physical changes energy medicine creates are crucial.

– J.C.,  Oklahoma

After one session I have experienced improvement in many areas of my physical and emotional well being.  I consulted Debra about long standing issues of low energy level, mental fatigue and physical pain resulting from daily stress and several bodily injuries which occurred during my childhood and teen years.  Over the years I have used many approaches to fix these problems including:  exercise, yoga, meditation, nutrition, acupuncture, and consulted skilled practitioners in various other fields.  Had any of these other approaches completely resolved my problems I would not have been looking for more help.

The session with Debra was very gentle and enjoyable.  She took time to listen to my needs.  She did an evaluation of my functioning, and then she used easy to follow procedures to make adjustments.  During the session, most of the changes were very subtle changes in sensation which might go unnoticed except for my past experience in healing modalities. 

After the session, I noticed immediate results.  I have greater mental clarity and stamina, am more resilient to stress and recover faster.  Many of the body pains have been reduced or disappeared completely.  I highly recommend her service and will be returning to support my own well being.

Mark Anzalone,

Well, there have been so many situations in which Deb has helped me, but the most recent one was in April.  I was in my hometown for the weekend, arriving there on a Friday night feeling great and getting ready to host a baby shower on Saturday.  I awoke Saturday, got up to hop in the shower, and my head took such a spin, I nearly fell over.  I proceeded with an acute, severe bout of vertigo. Deb came to my side, providing several energy treatments.  I slept the rest of the day and night.  The following morning, I cautiously got up and tried to get ready for the day.  Deb came to me, again, to do some more energy work.  I truly did not think I would be able to make the trip home Sunday, with as sick as I had been Saturday.  To my amazement, we were able to get on the road and make the five hour trip back home, as well as make it to work on Monday morning.  I know for a fact, if it had not been for Deb's energy work on me, I would not have recovered as quickly as I did from the horrible vertigo I suffered.  ~My thanks and gratitude to her~

Mary M.,   Gilbert, Minnesota

"As an infant my daughter struggled with severe diaper rashes. The worst rash was when she was 8 months old. At this stage the rash was so severe that she would bleed after every diaper change if we used baby wipes.  We had to use soft rags and warm water to clean her.  Deb introduced me to the figure eight energy medicine technique.  We used this method of medicine at every diaper change, and within a few days her rash had cleared completely.  We had tried every paste and cream; we had even used strong steroids prescribed by her pediatrician.  Nothing helped like the energy medicine.  Any time it seemed that her rash might reappear I would use Deb's figure eight technique and it would clear right up.  My daughter never had to struggle with another rash!"

"My two year old nephew was hospitalized with a very high fever and respiratory problems.  I immediately thought to contact Deb even though she was not even in the same state as my nephew.  She did her energy work over the long distance the morning I contacted her.  By that afternoon his fever and respiratory issues had subsided, and he was discharged to go home.  The nurses, his doctor and my sister were all amazed at his quick recovery.  They all said his recovery must have been so quick because of a child’s resilience, but I know that it was due to Deb and her energy work.  She is a life saver!"

Mary S., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tuning for Reubin (my cat)-he's quit peeing inappropriately, he's calmer and nicer to the other cats (and around me), he's no longer desperate for food-just nicer to be around!

Quick Pulse-it felt so good!  I received many insights into my issues & I could feel the energy going into action immediately!  Just can't wait to see what the next days, weeks & months will bring.  And that's saying a lot about my change in attitude!


Betty Rathjen, Oklahoma

Debbie works miracles!  A sports injury on the top of my foot dictated what I could and could not do for two years. It affected my whole self. Doctors did not have an answer. It took Debbie about 2 minutes to relieve the pain. She worked her magic with me. I walked out without a limp. I asked her to repeat the procedure before a big trip that included miles of city walking each day. The foot was trouble-free.  I am careful with my foot but pain does not rule my body anymore.  Thank you , Debbie! 

Enid, Oklahoma 

I have known Deb for several years and she has helped me many times with minor aches and pains, but her work with me through two major surgeries was amazing.  I know that I healed faster and my stress level was greatly reduced because of her abilities in sending and aligning energies.  She is very educated in her work, truly gifted and genuinely caring.  I'm so glad to know her.

Stefani Schram,  Oklahoma


Deb I was in a store just now  and this lady was about to pass out, I had her to do the hook up, the 5 thumps, Zip herself up.  And she got better. We are so blessed to have you. Thank you.

SG, Oklahoma


All my life I've struggled with resentments, worry & depression. Even my Prozac, though it helps tremendously, wasn't solving the problem of negative thoughts & feelings that blindsided me when I was tired or vulnerable.   The first session felt wonderful. I kept going back for more of that relaxation & good feeling that I came away with.   Soon my friends began to notice that I am happier, more relaxed, more outgoing (sometimes) and finding it easier to solve problems. I've had 7 (Neshamah Healing) sessions and I'm not quitting now! This is exactly what I've been needing for years.   The last one worked on my chronic sinus problem, which is a big thing for me.   I could feel the energy in my head, breaking things loose & draining & healing.   What a relief!   I have more energy, and I feel better. Thanks Deb!
I must say, even with all the new energy, today I am exhausted and plan to take a nap. But I'm still not depressed! And that's saying a lot.
In peace & healing,

B.R., Eni
d, OK

I have been battling/denying PTSD issues for over 22 years of military service.  After several years of attempting to deal with the issues, I decided to go forward to seek help from professionals.  Nine months of weekly sessions with therapists revealed that I was not fixing my issues, had barely moved forward at all, and could not move past even the simplest of issues.  These issues compounded over the years destroying normal sleep cycles, restricting my travel in/around large groups of people, and causing some major health issues. 

Deb has been an answer to my prayers that I thought impossible.   In the first session, we cleared the largest issues and I was able to sleep at night.  After the second session, the disruptive behaviors dissolved and have not come back.  I have been able to move forward, repair/rebuild healthy relationships back with my family, friends and making new friends.  Returning my life to what is more "normal" than I have known for the past 22 years is incredible. 
Thank you Deb for your help, support, belief and compassion guiding me through this process. 

Michael, Enid, OK

Hello Debra,

Just wanted to share real quick before I take the dog for a walk....

Last night we got called about 8:30 that Laura was very twitchy and she indicated she was going to have a seizure. We drove over and I used the technique just after her vest machine treatment and she seemed to calm down.  About 10 minutes later she looked a bit unsettled and very smiley so I did it again.  She again calmed down...  I tucked her into bed and she was watching one of her favorite shows but I could still see some activity there.  So, I moved her hands to her sides to relax a bit and did the Hook Up again:  this time a little longer.  When done I had a huge exhale from her and contented eyes; her HR dropped from the upper 70’s to the mid 60’s and she seemed at peace.

I called this morning to see if she ever had the seizure and they said no, and she slept well!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.!

I plan to try it again on her in other situations! 

I will keep you posted!

Susie, Ankeny, IA

In 2 months of Energy Medicine, I have a feeling of joy after each session and after the exercises!  There is a feeling of healing~not everything, but better.  I think more clearly…like a door was opened and all the answers were there.  My memory is improved!  I thought I was losing the use of my feet.  It was extremely painful to walk and the walk was very wobbly.  Now I am more confident standing on my feet~I can even rise up on my toes~and the feeling is not of pain, but of pleasure!  I can see my biceps where there was nothing before and now I can raise my arms over my head and cut my hair!  I used to have dry eyes, nose and mouth…now, I am lubricating~making moisture in eyes, nose and mouth!  My legs are also stronger.  I am in awe of my own flexibility.  I can gracefully descend to the floor and rise from the floor.  In the 2 months I know about energy, I feel swoosh of happiness!  None of this would be possible without Debi Sexton.  And how does one express my gratitude?!

Thais (Teddie) Johnson, Enid, OK-entering my 100th year


I've been doing energy work with Deb for over 10 years, I can't tell you how much it has improved my life.  It helps me deal with stress and  anxiety and overall wellness!  She is amazing and knowledgeable beyond belief about energy and the human body.  We are so very fortunate to have her in Enid, Oklahoma, I can't tell you enough how energy work has improved my life and overall sense of well being.


Margie Meibergen

Deb!  Erich and I have been doing the exercise every night with my knees dropping and I've been doing Figure 8s over the psoas and the doctor just told me that the baby is moving into place and that my steep pelvis problem is correcting itself!!!!!!  I am so thrilled! 

Emily Henneke Wilke, Los Angeles, CA

Emily wrote: "To my OKLAHOMANS: I cannot recommend Debra Ferguson Sexton enough as an energy medicine practitioner. Don't believe in the power of energy medicine?? When I was pregnant, I skyped with Deb & I ended up having the most wonderful pregnancy & birth. And now, I do energy medicine on my son & he is the BEST baby. Happy, sleeping through the night (& then some), content, developing perfectly & great with new people. Deb can help with just about anything (aches & pains, depression, headaches, weight loss, general well-being, etc) Not to mention, Deb is the most kind person & is great to work with. In fact, even if you don't live in Oklahoma - Deb can Skype with you!! The reason I'm singing her praises? I'm so grateful for my happy, healthy & developing baby. Thank you for everything, Deb!! :) :) :)

At age 80, I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery in June, 2012.  Debi gave me some energy medicine exercises to strengthen both knees way before then.  Then the day before surgery she did an energy medicine treatment (pre-surgery protocol) plus another one just a few days after surgery (post-surgery protocol) as I continued the exercises each day along with therapy.  It's my honest belief that these exercises, which I continue on a limited basis, are a big reason my knee has healed so well!  Thank you Debi!

Barbara Malicote

Today the angels remind us to do something just for us, to take time out to pamper, to love and to nurture ourselves!  Go get a massage or better yet, call on one of my friends for a wonderful healing session!  Call Debra Ferguson Sexton for a Neshamah Healing session or an Energy Medicine session!  Deb is truly a very gifted healer, yoga teacher and a very BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT LIGHT!!!  Neshamah Healing is very supportive to those of us who are Reiki practitioners.  Neshamah Healing is wonderful for anyone.  I had my first session and I cannot tell you how amazing I feel!  My focus is better with my morning meditation and my Reiki feels even stronger!

Kenna Boyer

I went to an Enid doctor about the Venus Lake tumor in my lip  the first of April.  The doctor did not tell me to put the caster oil on it.  The doctor said the bump would get bigger and bigger and could be removed by a laser but the laser treatment would ruin my permanent makeup.  After six weeks of nightly applications of caster oil on my lips --no heat was applied--- there is just a faint little blue bump left.  See what you taught me?   You got me onto Dr John La Tourette.  I really like him.   I am so glad you have been able to go to some of his seminars and share some of the knowledge you have gained from him.  You have changed my life for the better in the last 10 or more years.  Thank you. 




A cherished friend of mine had an energy medicine session with Deb Sexton, and she was SO impressed that she kindly purchased a gift certificate for me to have a session with Deb...and it wasn't even my birthday!

The first thing I sensed and noticed about Deb when I arrived at her office for my initial appointment was her open heart, warm empathy, and accepting spirit.  These qualities were evident in her within the first few minutes of speaking together and served to put me at such ease that I found myself sharing deeply personal material with a sense of total trust and openness.  She worked with me to release some stuck intense emotions through tapping, then had me get on the table where she lovingly and powerfully began to direct healing energy through my field and body.

During the session I experienced a wonderful altered state of consciousness that was deeply relaxing and transcendent.  When she brought me back to an awakened state I immediately noticed more clarity of vision and a sense of profound peace.

My husband and I have been living in Southern California for 18 years and I have done numerous and various forms of energy healing work with wonderful healers, but my experience with Deb has been quite amazing, not just in the physical sense but especially on a spiritual level.

Deb has immense training and knowledge about the nature of health and energy and generously shared with me helpful information on supplements, techniques to use at home, and books to read.

I believe along with the substantial education in her field, Deb has been uniquely gifted with innate healing abilities, and has truly found her life's calling and avocation.

In gratitude,

Holly H. Miller, Oklahoma

























































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